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The scientific program of the IX Congress of Medical Poles Abroad, II World Congress of Polish Doctors is the outcome of national and international cooperation of specialists in various fields, who are to meet in Warsaw in June 2016 to discuss subjects covering health care, standards improvement and opportunities to improve treatment results. The aim of the congress is scientific debate and the presentation of the latest trends in various fields of medicine.

The program includes sessions on, among others, medical progress, transparency of relationships between doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, patients' expectations and the reality of medical education, the optimum model of oncological care, as well as issues of promotion of vaccinations understanding.

Further development of relations between doctors working in Poland with those whose fate or history caused themmove out of the country will be fuelled by lectures of prominent representatives of the Polish medicine, who for decades have been contributing to it and influencing the next generation of doctors; by presentations of scientific achievements driving the development of medicine, mini-symposia dedicated to the history of the Warsaw Medical University and its weight for the Polish medicine as well as to other extraprofessional passions of doctors.

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List of the key topics: Searching for safe medicine

The policy of implementation of modern methods of improving the quality of treatment

Vaccinations: to do or not to do? Between medical knowledge, EBM and myths

When a doctor becomes a specialist? Is there a conflict of norms, expectations and medical education reality?

Communication between doctors and patients in extraordinary situations

Medical marketing - fears and hopes

The optimum model of cancer treatment: how to leverage on the experience of others

The standard rules of procedure in patients with trauma - the reality and chances of introducing the ATLS system

Mother and child: a strategy for safe treatment in gynaecology

Dentistry without borders and limits: transformation, innovation, discoveries

The medical conscience clause: between law and ethics

Extraprofessional passions of doctors (painting, poetry, photography, sports)


Complete list of scheduled sessions will be presented here shortly.


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